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How to Hack Android Phone and Wi-Fi Using Android Hack Apps and Tools

With the development of mobile phone technology, today hacking has transmitted from the computers to mobile phones. In fact, it has become the favorite hobby for technology geeks and hackers and they can apply almost all the techniques for Android hacks. Today, in this article, we will
show you the best Android hacking apps and how they can be used to hack any Android device. But before coming to that let us tell you about hacking.

What is hacking and who is a hacker?
Hacking is the process of technically manipulating the normal behavior of a computer or its network.
It is a clever way to get into the confidential computer programs or software and change its system in a constructive way. Hacking has been refining the computer world since more than 40 years and the first ever computer was hacked at MIT.
 A hacker is a person who is involved in hacking and can operate the internal computer network that cannot be accessed by anyone except the authorized person.

Types of hacking

Website hacking: Taking control over the role of the website administrator who owns the site.
Ethical hacking: Finding the major flaws in the system and patching them.
Network hacking: Collecting information on the domain by utilizing tools like Ping, UP, Tracert, and Netstat.
Email hacking: Illegally getting into the email of the concerned person to access all mails and confidential messages.
Password hacking: Cracking the process to acquire the secret passwords from data which by the computer system.
Online banking hacking: Illegally getting into online bank accounts without the password or permission of the authorized person.
Computer hacking: Illicitly accessing the files, data and editing them into your computer from another network.

Why is hacking Android phones easier?

Security researchers have found out that hacking Android phones is easier than any other mobile phone OS because of its security issues and malware opening. Even hackers can spy on your Android device by sending a simple SMS or MMS which can crack the system of your phone.

Many hackers introduced remote access apps to hack which can retrieve your personal information and allow attackers to get into your Android device. Such tools can access your call logs, SMS, phonebook entries, passwords and can even make a call using your device.

How to hack Android phone?

To use Android phone hack application, you do not need to learn any rocket science but need to make use of some hacked Android apps and tools which are specifically developed for hacking any Android device. The hacking can be done remotely from a different Android device or a computer which will be connected to the victim’s phone via internet. Most of the Android hacking tools are not available in the Play Store but you will find their apk files to download.

How to install 3rd party APK files on your Android device?

To install all APK files which are not there in play store, follow the steps below. You have to use these steps to install below listed android apps.
Go to Settings -> Security.
Allow installation from Unknown Sources.
Connect your Android phone to your computer via USB.
Transfer the APK file to your Android phone.
Click on it to install.

Best hacking tools for Android

 (1)  Hackode

Hackode is a toolbox for ethical hackers, IT administrators and cyber security professionals. The application contains various tools like Google hacking, Google Dorks, Reconnaissance, Whois, Scanning, Ping, DNS Lookup, MX Records, IP, DNS Dig, Security Rss Feed, Exploits and Traceroute and Android hack games.

 Inside Google Hacking, there are six Google Dorks available in it including PhpMyAdmin, PhpConfig, SQL Injection, MySQL Server, Login Portals and Passwords. The Whois Lookup can provide owner information of any domain with IP addresses, email, etc. Hackode even lets you stay updated with the latest hacking news and events. Hackode is a free app and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

AndroRAT is a real hacking app developed by a team of four university students for their project and is one of the best Android hack tools. The term ‘AndroRAT’ is a blend of Android and RAT (Remote Access Tool) which can retrieve the personal information of any Android system.

The key features of AndroRAT are:

Retrieve contacts and all their information
Retrieve call logs and messages
Track location using GPS
Monitor real time messages (sent and received)
Capture image using the camera
Stream microphone sound and videos
Send sms and make calls
Open a webpage in the default browser
Make the phone vibrate

Droid Sheep is a tool that performs session hacking within a WiFi network. It specializes in getting into the victim’s Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Ebay accounts and retrieves all personal information of the owner. Droid Sheep is not intended to steal information or identities of any Android user but it notifies you about the weak security properties of the major websites. To use Droid Sheep, you phone should be rooted.

SpoofAPP is currently banned from the Play Store but still you can download it from Amazon if your geographical location permits. SpoofApp makes hacking android easy and disguises your caller ID on your Android phone and allow you to use the voice changer to generate a male or female voice. The app lets you place phone calls using any caller ID number; in short, SpoofApp is developed to make prank calls to any user.

(5) AnDOSid

AnDOSid is a Dos tool for an Android phone which is most used for security professionals and cyber specialists. It lets users replicate a DOS attack and DDoS on a web server using mobile phones. The main requirements of using AnDOSid are having internet access to send the HTTP post data and phone state to access the IMEI.

(6) dSploit

dSploit is a penetration testing tool specifically developed for Android systems that performs a network security assessment and is one of the best Android hack apps developed till now. When the app starts operating, you can map fingerprint operating system on your web host and look for known vulnerabilities.

The key features of dSpolit are:
Crack Wifi system
Vulnerability finder
Longin cracker
Simple sniff
Session hijacker
Kill connections
Replace images and videos
Script injector

Nmap is an open source security scanner for Android operating systems which is used for network exploration. The application works on both rooted and non-rooted phones.

SSHDroid lets you access files and folders of an Android phone by connecting over WiFi. Once your device gets connected you can view, edit, copy and move files via the Nautilus file manager, SFTP, Cyberduck, WinSCP, etc. SSHDroid can be used in Windows, Mac and Linux system and includes features like:
Extended notification controls
Shared-key authentication
WiFi autostart whitelist
Home screen and lock screen widget
Automation with intents support
Adfree interface.

FaceNiff is an app for hacking phones and a session hijacker toolkit that lets you sniff and interrupt web session profiles over WiFi to the connected Android devices. To use FaceNiff, it is compulsory that your phone should be rooted and if web user uses SSL then this application will not work. This application can hijack session of popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

WhatsAppSniffer is one of the best WhatsApp hacker apps that display messages from other WhatsApp users who are connected to the same network. 

This app diverts all data traffic on and they are transmitted in plain text. To use WhatsAppSniffer you’d need a rooted phone.

Network Spoofer is a phone hacking tool that allows you to change websites on a different computer from an Android device. The app does not contain any malicious features and it is specifically developed to prove that home networks are vulnerable to simple attacks. After you download the app, simply login to a WiFi network and choose a spoof to begin.

Key features of Network Spoofer are:

Flip pictures and texts upside down.
Make websites experience gravity.
Redirect websites to other pages.
Delete random words
Replace words
Change all images to Troll face.
Wobble all pictures and graphics

(12) WiFi Kill

WiFi Kill can detect all the machines which are connected to your network and it allows you to kill or stop Wi-Fi access from their devices. It shows you’re the IP addresses of those machines which are connected to your device and to use WiFi Kill you should have a rooted device. It is among 1 of the best android hack apps.

The main features of WiFi Kill are:

Displays websites visited by the captured device.
Captures traffic.
Displays network names (NETBIOS names) of devices
Works fluidly on tablets.

(13) AppUse

AppUse is an Android hacker system tool and a virtual machine developed for mobile application security testing in Android platform and includes custom developed tools for better operation.

The main actions included in the app dashboard are:

1. Configure proxy for any port/protocol and binary protocols.
2. Pull APK from the device.
3. Edit application files.
4. Send broadcast messages and start activities and services.
5. Broadcast receivers and services detection.
6. Perform runtime manipulation with Reframe worker.
7. Disassemble and decompile APK.
8. Transform APK to debug mode.
9. View APK manifest.
10. Launch tool for penetration testing by using the tools segment.

Key features of AppUse are:

Dynamic indicator for Android device status.
Supports multiple devices.
Dynamic analysis.
Malware analysis.
Advanced APK analyzers
Extracts databases
Pull/view/edit files.
New application reversing features
Updated Reframe worker Pro
AppUse contains both a free and a paid version which comes for $250.

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