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How to Hack Any Social Media Account

What is phishing and how is it done?
Phishing is the process of directing users to enter details into a fake website that looks and feels like the legitimate one. Basically, all you are doing is getting your target to login to your fake login page and you will be sent their Facebook email and password.

STEP1: Go to this Z-shadow website and click on the Signup link to create a new account. Enter the details of the form to register on the website. After filling in everything, click on the Register button at the bottom.

STEP2: After registering, the dashboard of your account will open up.

For this post, we are going to hack Facebook. For other social media hacks, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page to see the very many websites which already have phishing sites. For the Facebook hack, Click on any Facebook Scams links (Choose the language of the Phishing site). I have clicked on English and a Facebook phishing site link is provided. Copy the link and send it to someone whose social media account you want to hack.

NOTE: It's better to send the link in form of a hyperlink to someone whose account you want to hack (eg: please vote her for miss World on Facebook)

STEP3: When your victim enters there login password and username, their details are sent to you in your victims shadow account under victims.

STEP4: To see their login details, click on My Victims in the top header bar of the website. You will be able to see the username he entered, password, IP address, date when he entered it.

You can also create a custom page in case the site you want to create a phishing site is not already there. You can do that by clicking on the Make custom page at the top navigation bar of the website. Then click on Create Your Own Page

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