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9 Best Websites To Download Free Software [2020]

Website To Download Free Software: There are so many softwares available on the internet that are amazing and everyone wants to use these software. But the problem is most of the Softwares are paid which we can not afford, just because they are too costly. Today I'll show you some best websites to download free software. All these sites are totally legal and free you can easily download any kind of paid, free software in just a minute.


This is one of my favourite website of all time, I also download most of the paid software free. It has thousands of software which are totally free and legal to download, the layout of the website is very simple and the downloading speed is also very good. It has categories like windows, IOS, Android, Mac just select any of these and it also has sub-categories so that it's easy for you to search any software easily.


FileHippo is a very popular website across the internet it provides over 16 categories so that it would be easy for us to browse any software. You can download almost any of the software here with good downloading speed and working links. You can also check out your own FIleHippo software to download any software very easily.


Softpedia is a very big website, it has over 1M+ software to download for free you can get every single software for your pc or mac it has so many categories Android, PC, Mac and many more you can also read the reviews of the software.


FreewareFiles is also a very good website for downloading free software. From this website, you can also download programming related Softwares very easily. It has over 15000+ free software to download. the layout is very simple so that you can navigate easily.


If you do programming or development then this website is for you. You can get so many development softwares very easily and it has thousands of software to download for free. The layout is very simple and the downloading speed is also very good.


FileHorse is not a very large platform, but still, it has hundreds of free software that are very useful. The layout is very simple like any other website, and download speed is also good.


Softonic is a very large plate for downloading the software it has over 1M+ active users daily which is a very huge amount. it has millions of software that are really helpful the layout of the website is simple and clean.


Brothersoft has over 2M+ freeware software and it has so many categories like windows, Android, and so on. You can also download wallpapers for android and pc. The layout of this website is also simple like any other websites.


If you like a simple user interface then ninite will be best for you. Just visit their website and download software that you want. For more, you can also install ninite installer in your PC.

Yo guys!!! these were some of the best websites to download free software for PC according to me. If you guys find this article helpful then please follow my blog and share with your friends:)

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