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Hack PayPal Account 2020 – Here’s How Hackers are Doing it

In this guide, we are going to share a real incident that happened with one of its members. Here you will get to know the way hackers approach victims to Hack their PayPal Account. Security is Just an Illusion. Make sure you read this article till the end.

Yesterday, I was really getting frustrated because of some freak hackers, let me explain to you why?

Like every day, Yesterday when I opened my Gmail account to check e-mails sent by my readers then Suddenly I got this email from Service Paypal stating that “Your account has been Going To Close until we hear from you“.

And I was like how is it happening and why? because I have never got such a kind of email from Paypal Services ever before.

Then after thoughtfully observation, I found that this email was not sent by any PayPal Service but it was a Phishing Attack By Some Hackers.

So today I am going to post a blog over how hackers can hack your PayPal account in 2020 with a phishing scam.

We’re posting this to prevent you guys from these PayPal hacking attacks. I really don’t want anyone to be hacked by any hacker or scammer. We are not making anything from this article so if you like our efforts then please share the article with your friends. 

Hackers are really smart and I always practice and promote white or ethical hacking stuff and I never complain that hacking or finding bugs is not good. But sometimes, Hackers are the only people who help us to know more about the technology and also teach us many things.

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The method that hacker used for Paypal hacking was a “Phishing Attack

Below I have written exactly the things that I noticed after getting the email.

#1. First look at the address of the mail sender. When you receive a mail from Paypal look at what is written after “@”. It must be “paypal.com”. PayPal has only one Top Level Domain and that is .com. Domains ending with other extensions are not official addresses of PayPal.

#2. Then focus out on text errors in the e-mail. In official mails from PayPal, you will never see any grammatical mistakes and errors, but remember that, the format for real mail of PayPal and Phishing Page can be the same.

#3. If Hackers don’t do the above two mistakes and you open the link given by Hackers, then check out for the URL, it should be “paypal.com” or “paypal.co.uk” depending upon the country or where you live.

The Verdict:

A phishing attack is the most common hacking attack on the Internet so it’s not just limited around PayPal. But this attack can be used to hack anything where login credentials required. Yes, you guessed it right, Even your Online Banking, Your Instagram Page or it could be other logins. So always check the website before putting your credentials.

Other than this, Make sure to use two-factor authentication for all your social media and for email accounts. Keep changing your password at least once a year.

There are various websites that claim for the PayPal Money Generator or for PayPal Balance refill. Please avoid such websites, There is no one in this world especially over the internet who can fill your PayPal with real balance. Its all scam!

We care for you, so we share this simplistic information with you. If you care about your friends and family then drop a share and do comment below if you want us to cover some other topics related to cybersecurity and technology. Cheers!

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