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How To Hack/Unlock Android Pattern Lock, PIN Password

In Short Hacks: Almost every one of us uses a pattern or pin or some of the other kind of security option to secure the data of your Android device and also your privacy from anyone other than you, as the data from your device can be used inappropriately when it falls into the wrong hands!

Here we have listed top 3 Ways To Unlock your Android Device Pattern, PIN Easily.

Android Patterns and PIN locks are the most commonly used locking features which are provided by the smartphones. But sometimes, you yourself can forget the pattern or the PIN which you have been using to unlock your device!

Forgetting these patterns or PINs is not a big deal since, there are different methods which can help you in cracking or Unlocking these patterns or PINs, allowing you to access your device once again.

Most of the people think that once you forget your Android device Pattern Lock or PIN, you can only use it after resetting it to the factory data while some don’t even know a single method which can bypass the security options of their smartphones. And hence, we have listed below a number of different methods which can get you out of trouble by cracking and bypassing the security options within no time!

Ohh! Seems you have lost your Android’s PIN, Pattern Password? Relax! We are always here for you. Let’s Take a deep look over this article and trust me this would help you a lot in case of losing or forgetting your android’s passwords. So let’s take a look at these different methods and the steps and precautions needed to execute these methods.

Method #1: Android Device Manager (To Unlock PIN

(This method is specifically for PINs). Steps To Unlock/Hack Android PIN Password:

Step 1- Download this app or go to its website
‘google.com/android/devicemanager‘ on your computer or any other device.

Step 2 – Sign in with the Google account which is logged in on your locked device.

Step 3 – Once you are logged in, you will find 3 different options which read as Ring, Lock, Erase. Go to the option which says 'Lock'.

Step 4- Then, create a new password here and click on ‘Lock’ option which will be located at the bottom to apply this new password.

Step 5- Use this new password to unlock the device whose password you have just changed.

This is an effective method which one can use to unlock their device when you forget your PIN.

Method #2: Android SDK (To Unlock Pattern Lock)

Android SDK To disable the lock screen (This method is for pattern lock): Before you start with this method, it is important for you to know that USB debugging should be enabled on your device and it should allow your computer to connect to your device via ADB.

Step 1- You can download this app from this website (Download). Install this software and extract appropriate

Step 2- Connect your device to your computer via USB cable.

Step 3- Go to the folder named as ‘Tools‘ from the Android SDK installation directory.

Step 4- Hold Shift and right click on the above-mentioned folder and then select ‘Open command window here’ option from the drop-down box. The command prompt will then be launched.

Step 5- Here, type in ‘ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key‘ at the end of the command line and then hit enter.

Step 6- Disconnect your device from your computer and restart your device. You will notice that your pattern lock has been disabled.

Once you have gained access to your device, quickly change the password for your device.

Method #3: Hack/Unlock Any Android Password, PIN Easily

If none of the above methods work then, go for this method: In this method, you finally resort to factory data reset. When you execute this method, you will lose all the data of your device and it will look the same as the way it looked when you first bought it!

Disclaimer: Use This Method at your own Risk! This Method to unlock any android device will surely erase all the phone data (Make it New). However, We’re not responsible for any kind of loss either it by loosing SD Card data or Internal Phone Data.

Step 1- First Turn your device off.

Step 2- Press the power and volume up button simultaneously to enter the
recovery mode (here on a Redmi Note 4 device). You can search for the key combinations to enter the recovery mode for your device on Google.

Step 3- Use the Volume down button to reach the option which says ‘Recovery mode’ then, press the power button to reboot your device and enter the recovery mode.

Step 4- Again use the Volume down button to reach the option ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and again press the power button to select this option.

Step 5- Once again use the Volume down button to go to the option which says ‘yes‘ and once again press the power button to select it.

Step 6- The reset process will take some time so have patience! Once the process is completed, you can set up your device as a new device now since all the data is gone.

In this process, you will lose all your data but, surely unlock your device.

Method #4: Smashing the lock screen Interface

Another way of unlocking the locked Android device is to access its UI interface but this method of unlocking the device works on or above Android 5.0.

Step 1: To smash the locked Android screen click on the emergency button once, and enter 10 stars (**) within the dialer menu.

Step 2: Return to the lock screen and tap on the camera shortcut icon. Tap on the setting option after pulling down the notification bar.

Step 3: This will prompt you to enter the password and repeat the same thing here. Long press and select paste and keep on recurring and this will shatter the lock screen.

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