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How To Improve Your Memory

We all wish we were better at remembering something. But many of us use the excuse that: "My brain can't hold so much information." or "I'm just really bad at remembering names."
Turns out, there's no such thing as a terrible memory, only an untrained one. Results show that forgetting someone's name is one of the most common memory lapses. The biggest reason why we're bad at remembering names is because we often don't hear the name.
You've had this experience before. You meet someone, and they say their name is John. You don't hear the name and just move on. And you come back like "What was his name again?" because you actually didn't hear it in the first place.
90% of the information we receive is visual. So we store more images in our memory than sounds, which makes it harder to recognize and remember names when we first hear them.
The first thing you have to do is concentrate and make a point of hearing the name. Then you have 20 seconds to give that name some kind of meaning to make it stick. The best trick to give meaning to a name is transforming it into a silly picture. For example, when you hear the name Horsley, you can picture a horse and Bruce Lee. The more ridiculous-looking the image, the better.
The trick is to imprint new information onto old knowledge. And what you're really doing here is creating new synaptic connections in your brain, which makes it easier to remember new information and then convert it to long-term memory. Like anything in life, improving your memory takes practice. But the more you learn, the more connections you can build, making it easier to learn even more. So, the possibilities are endless.

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