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Tech predictions for the next 20 years

Let me get started with the next tech predictions from now.
    • 95% of the world's cars now run on renewable energy especially electricity.

  • 98% of the world population has access to the network, may it be a smartphone, a computer or whatever.
  • Modern Technology Giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft slowly begin to lose significant market share and small firms today slowly rise to power.

    • Scientists have now perfected human Gene manipulation, allowing human lifespan to multiply. Babies born have their DNA altered to give them healing abilities like Wolverine. Cancer is now easily treatable
    • SpaceX and NASA, combined, have successfully sent humans to Mars after several years of robot scouting.
    • Intel, combined with NVidia have created groundbreaking technology, allowing supercomputers to be the size of shoeboxes.
    • Modern programming languages like JavaScript and C++ are now obsolete.
    • Robots have replaced 92% of workers across all industries, causing massive unemployment. Countries have adopted population control measures to tackle future unemployment.
    • BRICS are now leading exporters and producers for goods of all major tertiary sectors.
I hope it's a good future!

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