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How to stay motivated

Many people want to be focused all the time
And I can tell you: you can’t be focused all the time.
That’s alright, because you shouldn’t want to be.
Let’s be real: you don’t have to be focused for everything you do. Even Einstein wasn’t focused on every single task he did. But he was focused on the tasks that were important to him.

In this post I will share 5 ways that have helped me.
  1. Learn that focus only counts when you need it

Look at it this way: can a marathon runner run all day, 18 hours a day, without taking a rest?
The answer is no, he cannot. What he can do though, is ensuring he has the energy to run when he needs to run.
And that’s the same with concentration: your brain can’t function when you are continuously focusing.
For me, it helps to give my brain rest every day. I just sit still, for 20 minutes, and let the thoughts go through my head. This allows me to regain focus during the moments I truly need it.
2. Get the right amount of sleep, every single day
First things first: we all know somebody who can function on just 4 hours of sleep.
But let’s be real: if you sleep 4 hours you probably feel terrible the next day. And that’s mainly because your brain didn’t get the rest it needs.
Sleeping for 8 hours a night is necessary to give your brain the time to get rid of thoughts, to go into the REM stage of sleep and just rest.
What works for me is simple: sleep 7 hours every night and take a 10–20 minute nap during the day. The nap helps me to avoid the sleepy mood that comes over me during the afternoon.
I usually drink a cup of coffee before that nap. Once the 20 minutes are over, my body has digested the coffee and I am good to go back to work.

3. Schedule your time efficiently
Look at your life: do you actually need to be focused all the time?
Odds are you don’t. Instead you need to be focused during the moments that count.
Focused while reading books, focused while doing your work, focused when studying or writing.
By scheduling your time efficiently, you allow yourself to have these moments of focus. During the moments that you don’t need this focus, you can do other things like laundry, cooking, buying books and other things.
I do the following every day: before I go to sleep, I schedule the next day from morning to night. I write down all the tasks, meetings, workouts, meals and plan them.
This helps me to stay focused on the goals I set for the day after even the night before.
4. Get rid of distractions when you need focus
This is why people are not focused: too many distractions.
You can most likely recognize this:
You are reading a book or an article online and enjoying your time and the focus. But then, out of nowhere, that tempting email shows up.
Instead of continuing reading, your brain gets distracted. It’s going to focus on that email. 
When you wan’t to focus, get rid of all distractions. Turn off notifications on your phone and your computer. Listen to some focus music without lyrics.
5. Do the things that interest you, and focus will come
I’ll be honest: I am not focused with every task I do.
And there’s a good reason: I don’t always 100% enjoy what I am doing.
But that’s fine, it’s part of the process of life. Sometimes you need to do things that aren’t 100% going along with your own interests.
The things I do that interest me only motivate me. They give me the focus I want to have. When I do them, nothing else around me is worth my attention.
Many people think they have trouble focusing because they can’t 100% focus on the task. What if that task just doesn’t go along with your interests?
If you don’t enjoy the process, you will never find the focus to properly fulfill that task.

Live a life worth focusing on, and you will become the person you believe you should be

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