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How To Earn 30-50$ Per Day Online

Making $30-$50 per day online is very easy to achieve, if you use the right methods.

Some methods will take you too long to make you money, while some methods will take you a lot of effort.

Here, I am going to share with you a sure-fire method that can easily make you $30 per day or more without doing anything complicated.

This method involves the very popular business networking platform, LinkedIn.

So what is this method all about?

You are going to provide a resume writing service to the hundreds of millions of members on LinkedIn!

And nope.

You are not going to do writing.

Instead, you are going to outsource the work on Fiverr.

Go on Fiverr and look for gigs that provide resume writing services. Most of these gigs start from a price of around $20.

So if you price your service on LinkedIn at around $50, you are going to make $30 in pure profit.

Remember to do your own due diligence on your Fiverr vendor, and ensure that they are reliable and have many positive reviews.

As of payment option, PayPal is always your reliable partner.

So after you have found the reliable vendor on Fiverr to deliver your resume writing service, it’s time to reach out to the massive LinkedIn marketplace available to you at fingertips.

You can start off by sending out connection requests to any working professionals who needs this service, as they are always on the lookout for new job opportunities.

Once they accept your request, you can then reach out to them and offer your resume writing service.

Another way to look for more business is to go on Facebook and join groups that are related to the HR niche.

Go connect with the people in these groups, and hit them up with your valuable resume writing service.

The more people you reach out, the more orders you are going to get

This is a simple numbers game.

All you need to do is to bring in one order per day, and you’ve hit your $30 target.

All the best in your make money online journey!

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