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Download Faronics Deep Freeze Enterprise

Faronics Deep Freeze makes your computer indestructible. Deep Freeze provides the ultimate workstation protection by preserving your desired computer configuration and settings.

Each time you restart your computer, Deep Freeze restores the computer back to your configuration. Since 1999 it has helped thousands of IT professionals manage millions of computers with minimal effort.

It's available for both Mac and Windows.

How Deep Freeze Works

Deep Freeze uses patented technology to redirect information being written to the hard drive to an allocation table, leaving the original data intact. The redirected information on the allocation table is no longer referenced once the computer is restarted, thereby restoring the computer to its original state, down to the last byte

Key Features Of Deep Freeze

Central Management: Enterprise Console makes it easy to deploy, configure, and manage Deep Freeze computers across the network. Also, create a customized console with tailored features.

Maintenance Tasks: Schedule different maintenance windows to perform automatic updates using a batch file or third-party management solutions.

Auto Windows Update: Automatically downloads Windows updates even when computers are Frozen. Schedule a maintenance window to perform automatic updates and return to a Frozen state.

ThawSpace: Create virtual partitions to retain important data even if there is no separate physical partition available on the computer.

MBR Protection: Get enhanced security with protection for the Master Boot Record from rootkit injections and other alterations, making your security bulletproof

Remote Launch: Launch existing applications on selected computers from the console or even push the executable and launch it remotely.

Lock Keyboard & Mouse: Remotely lock keyboard and mouse to perform maintenance or to prevent any unauthorized changes. Also, notify users by remotely sending a message.

Power Management: Perform Restart, Shutdown, Wake-On-LAN actions to take place on demand or on a scheduled basis

Integration: Use the built-in Command Line interface to manage Deep Freeze using the most popular desktop management systems such as Microsoft SCCM, Dell KACE, Apple Remote Desktop, etc.

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