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How To Change The DP Of A Friend On Whatsapp

If you want to change your Whatsapp friends' profile picture on your phone to play a little prank on them, then read on. It may be a little bit juvenile, I'll admit but nothing beats the look on your friend's face when you pull one over on them.

Step 1:

The profile pictures are generally there in your smartphone in the WhatsApp folder under the profile pictures subhead. Goto File Manager ->WhatsApp -> Media ->
WhatsApp Profile Photos

Step 2:

Select the image which you want to replace it with but remember that it should be an appropriate image and change the size of the image to 640 x 640 pixels which are being the standard size for a profile picture on WhatsApp

Step 3:

Then replace the image in the WhatsApp profile picture folder after naming it with the number of your friend. Now when you open Whatsapp, you will see the changed photo of your friend.

The trick will only work for your phone and other people will get to see the original picture of your friend. After doing this you can restore the file in the folder from where you moved it.

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