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How To Access Your PC From Other PC?

Ever wish you could access some files on your work computer when you're sitting in your home? Need a report from your home computer that's due in class? You can configure your computers to be accessible anywhere in the world, from virtually any other computer. There are a variety of ways to do this, including a built-in tool, downloadable programs, and browser-based solutions.

Read on to learn how.

Download TeamViewer

This is a free program for home users that allows you to quickly set up a remote connection between your computers. This program is especially useful for Mac computers as configuring a native remote desktop connection is very tricky. It is also useful for Mac to PC connections and vice versa.

Select a download type; there is an all in one complete version or a special team viewer host version for unattended access only.

Besides team viewer, there are several other popular programs available such as LogMeIn, WebEx, LapLink, RealVNC, and GoToMyPC.

Install Team Viewer on the remote computer

When you start the installer, you will be asked if you want to install or run Teamviewer. select install to configure TeamViewer on the computer, allowing you to connect to it at any time.

  • Check the "Show advanced settings" box.
  • Select "Personal/non-commercial use"
  • Read and accept the license agreement.

Configure TeamViewer for Later Remote connections

Make sure " Yes" is checked before continuing the installation. TeamViewer will be configured so that you can connect to it from any computer over the internet.

Make sure that "Full access" is checked so that you can access the computer remotely without having to approve it on the remote computer.

Start the "Unattended access" setup process

After installation is complete, the "Unattended access" wizard will start. Follow the steps laid out in the wizard to complete the setup.

You will need to give your computer a name as well as a password. Make sure that the password is strong to prevent unwanted intruders.

Create a TeamViewer account

This will allow you to quickly see which of your remote computers are online and available to connect to. Once your account is created, you will see your computer appear on the list in TeamViewer.

Keep TeamViewer running

TeamViewer will need to be running in order to connect to that computer. TeamViewer runs in the background and it takes minimal system resources.

Connect to the computer Remotely

Once TeamViewer is configured on the remote computer, you can connect to it from another device. You can do this by logging into the TeamViewer website and connecting through the browser, or by downloading and installing the TeamViewer program on that computer.

You will need to log in and use your password to connect to the remote computer.

The other method is using the google remote Desktop, that has been explained in; How to access PC from mobile

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