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How To Earn With a Blog?

With the recent rise of blogs and websites, many people are wondering how to make money blogging online and if it is even possible. In reality, blogging is an amazing opportunity to earn a lot of income with a very low starting investment.

Blogging can provide you with a flexible work life which you can manage with your social life and travels. It also gives you full control of your finances and the freedom to make your own professional decisions.

No doubt, blogging is an interesting source of income that will end up changing your life for the better. This is why, today, I want to teach you how to earn by owning a blog.

Many struggle with how and where to start their very first blog. There are many ways in which one could start blogging and many websites that support it. WordPress, Blogger, etc are some of the ways you can set up your very first blog.

Starting a blog can lead to becoming a great business, but don’t expect to put in only 5 hours a week to get results.

In the beginning, try to put in as many hours as you can and take it seriously. A blog can potentially make you a full time living if done correctly, so why not go all out?

Blogging is great, but first, you must get educated on how the process works in terms of earning money with a blog.

  1. Obviously, the first step would be to set up your blog. 
  2. Write content. Writing blog posts is SUPER important and that’s where the majority of work will go when starting out especially when you don’t have a lot of money to hire good writers. You can’t just write any content either, you should do some keyword research to find keywords that have little search volume to rank for and get traffic.
  3. Convert visitors into email subscribers. Create a digital info product like an ebook, checklist, mini-course, etc. Offer that Free info product in exchange for an email.
  4. Send those subscribers content (like your blog posts or videos) that builds trust
  5. Sell products or services your audience wants. If you have your own digital product then Great. If not then affiliate marketing is the way to go.

These are essentially all the steps you need to know, BUT there’s obviously way more that goes into each step.

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