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How To Boost Mobile Internet Speed On Your Android

There is no denying that the Internet plays a significant role in human life today. In the recent scenario, life cannot be imagined without the Internet connection in one’s computer system or in the smartphone. All sorts of work and activities can be done with the help of the Internet as the connection has succeeded in bringing the different corners of the world together.

Whatever be the domain of life, everyone needs an Internet connection in their smartphones or computer system. The students need it to gain access to effective study materials and to take online tutorials. The young group of people needs it to accomplish their office deadlines and various other works. We all need it for endless entertainment in the form of music, games, videos and much more. Owing to the importance of the Internet connection, the pleasures of its services cannot be enjoyed unless the speed of the Internet connection is up to the mark. For instance, if you are using an Internet connection on your mobile phone and you need to access YouTube. If the Internet connection is too slow you will get irritated and your purpose might not get fulfilled. Therefore, it is essential to ensure good network connectivity and enhance the speed of the Internet on the mobile phone or the computer system to perform various tasks with ease.

If you have been facing slow Internet speed or connection in your Android device, then you can take help from some effective tips to boost mobile Internet speed. Here are some ways to speed up mobile data.

Check the Cache in Your Phone

If you have been facing slow Internet speed in your phone and don’t know how to make your phone internet faster, then you must, in the beginning, check the cache on your smartphone. Many times, the internet speed in the smartphone gets slow or poor due to the filling up of the cache memory in the mobile phones after accessing various websites and downloading the different apps on the phone. Therefore, users must clear the cache memory of their mobile phones to boost mobile internet speed.

Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

If you do not know how to speed up mobile data, then you must look into the app list of your mobile phone and should analyze which apps are important for you and which are not. The presence of several useless and unwanted apps in the smartphone tends to lower the performance of the mobile phone in terms of speed and Internet connection. Therefore, to speed up mobile data, the users can delete or uninstall all the unnecessary apps from their mobile phones. After doing this, you can refresh your smartphone by clearing the excess cache memory. This process will ensure better internet connection in terms of mobile data and enhance internet speed in the smartphone.

Enable Maximum Data Loading Option

This could be another effective technique to boost mobile internet speed in the smartphone. For this you would need to go to the Network Settings on the particular mobile phone and then after selecting the GPRS transfer prefer to call prefer, the users must select the data to prefer. This would enable the maximum data loading setting in the smartphone and the users can be ensured of increased internet or data connection speed in the respective Android mobile phones.

Select Network Connection to 4G or 3G

As a smartphone user with internet data pack in the smartphone, you must be aware of the fact that 4G internet speed is way better than 3G and 2G. With the recent technological advancement, 4G has surpassed all the internet connection speed and ensures high internet and data connection speed in Android smartphones. To speed up a mobile data connection in the desired smartphone, the users can enhance the Network settings of their mobile phones. For this, they would need to select a preferred network connection to 3G or 4G instead of 2G. This will reflect them on how to speed up mobile data in an instant and with much ease.

Enable Text Mode in the Browser

If you are not aware of the smart tricks about how to make your phone internet faster, then you can try this simple technique to boost mobile internet speed. If you are not in need of images for your search on the internet and you only need texts for browsing, then you can enable only the text mode in the browser of your smartphone. This can be achieved by disabling the images in the browser which will boost the internet speed on your mobile phone. For the Google Chrome browser of the Android mobile phone, you can use the “Text Mode Browser extension” to enable only texts in the browser and to disable the images in the web browser. This will have a significant impact on enhancing the overall internet speed on your mobile phone

Select a Faster Web Browser for Your Phone

Another helpful technique that might help you in knowing how to make your phone internet faster is by enabling a faster web browser for the smartphone that you are using to access the mobile data connection. The web browser plays a major role in enhancing the overall speed of the internet connection in your mobile phone. There are several options of optimized web browsers that can be used by the Android mobile phone users to boost mobile internet speed like the Opera Mini, UC Browser, Google Chrome and much more which can be used to enhance the overall speed of the mobile data in your Android smartphone.

Make Use of Android Apps

If you wish to speed up mobile data in the Android smartphone, then there are several apps available on the Google Play Store that are meant to increase the internet speed on your Android smartphone. You can download the same and use them to enhance the internet speed in your Android smartphone.

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