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FlexClip Video Maker: The Online Tool Useful for Editing Videos

FlexClip is a simple and powerful online service that offers enough tools to help you create promotional videos or top stories in just minutes. FlexClip has simplified the video creation process for users to use flexibly.

Editing a photo is simple, and there are many software offering tools to achieve this. There are complex and expensive ones intended for a professional audience, and there are simple ones for those who occasionally need a touch-up to an image or something else. It is challenging to choose one product, free or paid, that can help us achieve our goal.

To help you choose, here is an easy yet powerful software that you can use without having to download because everything works on a browser. As the title suggests, it's called FlexClip Video Maker.

It is worth mentioning that in the past to be able to edit a video you have only to start learning professional editing programs, and the last solution is to resort to experienced people who will earn a fee for what they do. Now you can use FlexClip, with which it is possible to edit and create videos from the beginning for various uses. And the most distinguishing feature of this program is the ease of use which is what all users are looking for when it comes to editing on videos and montage. This is because everyone knows how difficult it is and now let us learn how to use this excellent site.

The features that the software offers are many. The first feature in FlexClip is video cutting, which allows you to split into small clips without losing quality. Next is to add your favorite sound or background music and edit it to fit your video clip perfectly.

You can also add callout text to edited videos to express your ideas quickly and clearly. When it comes to video, an important aspect is the resolution, and the final content is exported to a minimum in 480 pixels or at most in 1080 pixels; when it comes to proportions, the options are 1: 1, 16: 9 or the opposite of the latter. FlexClip also allows users to merge videos, combine multiple video clips and images into a video in minutes. Add a watermark to your video and customize it to protect your copyright from unauthorized use.

To start using, all you have to do is sign up via email or Facebook account. It is a process that takes at most a couple of minutes after which it immediately puts you in front of a choice. The software will basically invite you to start a project and once pressed on the “create new” button, you will be asked which theme you want to choose. There is a nice template list. When you choose one, the site will take a few seconds to load everything you need.

In the lower part, you can change some preset scenes of the length of several seconds. While in the lower right corner, there is a button that allows the insertion of extra scenes. On the left side, there are several choices that offer the possibility to change the displayed text, the font, the size, the color, all that is needed. You can also add music. To do that, switch to the Music tab. You can use your own music or tunes and sounds supplied by FlexClip.

When you have finished editing, you can preview the final effect before saving everything. Once you are satisfied, you don't need anything else than pressing the orange button “Export Video” at the top right. You can then choose the desirable output resolution from 480p (free), 720p, or 1080p.

Sum up

FlexClip is designed with a modern and very intuitive interface and a rich media library. Users can easily search millions of high-resolution photos and videos as well as royalty-free audio from FlexClip's vast media library to create a highly original video.

In short, FlexClip is a very useful video creation tool for both businesses and families. With this photo-making video app, you can be creative with impressive movies even if you don't have any skills, video editing experience. It only takes a few minutes that you have an impressive footage immediately to share with the world.

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