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Make Money Online By Reading Books

Hey did you know that approximately 32 Million People in the United States cannot read? Crazy right! Not to make fun of them or anything, that is just a mind-blowing statistic to me especially since you can make up to $700 a month reading books. Caught your attention didn’t I? Yeah I know I did.

There are companies out there that will happily pay you to read and review books. That is easy money, who doesn’t like to read books? My favourite book is Othello, I wish I would have known that I could have been getting paid to read it. Anyways to get back on topic! Here are a bunch of companies that will pay you top dollar to read and review books!

Are you apart of a book club already? Well, this one is better and it pays you to write book reviews. Does your book club do that? I think not, and if it does then ill be there bright and early tomorrow. Online book club wants you to write short reviews on books and they will pay you $5-60 per review. Big money!

The best thing about them is they will send you books to review, so if you are a book lover it is a win-win for you! The first review you do will be Unpaid just to see if you are serious about making money with them ( which you should be!) once you submit that first free review, all subsequent reviews will be paid. You also get to keep the books they send you so its a really great way to grow your library of books and make money. If you don’t care to keep your books you can always sell them and turn it into a 360 business.

Narrate With ACX

ACX is one of my personal favourite sites to go and make a couple of extra dollars when I am in a reading mood. to sign up all you literally have to do is create an account head over to the categories and then look for the “Titles Accepting Auditions” section and you will find a bunch of books that are looking to become audiobooks. For a book to become an audiobook it needs a narrator, narrators get paid big bucks. They have some smaller little info books that will pay you $50 for a quick narration and then they have some bigger projects that pay up to $1000. No lie, it is a really great way to make some money they even offer royalties for some work so you can really make some serious cash if you put in the time. If you have books of your own this site is great too because it is always looking for publishers and they will pay you handsomely for your work!

Write Paid Reviews for  Any Subject Books

Reading Books is fun but being a critic is more fun! Especially when you can make money doing it. Any Subject Books is a great site for readers who want to earn a little extra cash on the side of their 9-5 or in their spare time. Any Subject Books pays you to read and then write a review on a authors book; That review will then be used as an official review for the book's website or page. They can’t change your review either so if the book is really boring or a slog to get through, let them know! You get paid either way!

At the end of each of my posts, I always like to do these for those people who think they can just click these links in instantly make millions. These websites are excellent for people who like to read and are willing to put in some time to make this an income. Please don’t sign up for one of these sites, open a book, read the prelude and then expect to be bill gates and retire in a Lamborghini. Hard work always pays off remember that!

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