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Top 7 Websites to legally download Paid Software for FREE!

In the world of torrents and what-not, to download paid software for free had never been a hard task, albeit the downloaded free software being cracked and illegal to download.

And most of these illegally downloaded cracked paid software for free from torrents are infected with malware, adware, and viruses.

But not anymore! You can now legally download paid software for free from the following listed websites. Yes, we are still delivering you the curated websites to hunt [legally] paid things for free.

What are the top 7 Websites to Download Paid Software for FREE?

As we said earlier, there are tons of torrent websites that list the cracked paid software for free but unfortunately, that cracked software is malicious to your computer system. Also, there are many websites that serve the paid software for free legally, but again not all of those websites are frequently updated and offer the latest software. However, here we have compiled the top 7 websites to download the paid software for free legally and these websites are updated, in fact, on a daily basis!

GIVEAWAY OF THE DAY | Software Giveaway Website

The “Giveaway of the Day” website offers to download paid software for free for a limited period of time — a day. Every day a new paid-gone-free software/app is given. And, the visitors have to download and install the software on the same day.

Though the website focuses on providing free LICENSED software/games for Windows, GiveawayoftheDay.com does offer free paid apps for Android and iPhones.

The software provided comes with certain custom T&Cs (Terms and Conditions). These “Terms and Conditions” may not include future software upgrades and free tech support. Also, these programs offered are licensed for a certain period of time; like 6 Months Premium Plan or 1 Year. This policy might not entertain those who intend to use these programs for commercial purpose!

Links to official Giveaway of the Day sites

Official Website 

SharewareOnSale | Daily Software Giveaway

Unlike Giveaway of the Day, SharewareOnSale is a daily-deal website that focuses on serving daily free software giveaways for both Windows and Mac, & Android and iOS.

The free software giveaway runs for more than a day, usually for two days or so!

This website not only provides paid apps for free, but there are also heavy discounts and sales running on the website.

Link to official SharewareOnSale site

Official Website

Download.hr | Download Paid Software for Free

The website focuses on free software giveaways for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, IT News, and has a section to list to download free software.

Download.hr mainly does software and game giveaways. There are two types of giveaways; time-limited but unlimited number of licenses, and a limited number of license.

The time-limited giveaway requires visitors to interact with the social media page of the website or wait for 300 seconds to download paid software for free. Whereas for the limited number of license giveaways, the visitors have to register on the website and participate in the giveaway to win the license key for the paid software!

Links to official Download.hr sites

Official Website 

NET-LOAD | Free Software Giveaway Website

Yes, Net-Load is basically a collector website, collects all the daily free software giveaways running on the internet and displays in one place.
The website gives a download link for the promotional software and license key on their website. The giveaways are updated once in two days or sometimes twice in a day. No pattern to follow.

Links to official NET-LOAD sites

Official Website

Giveaway Radar | Download Paid Software for Free

Net-Load and Giveaway Radar share the same blood — both are free software giveaways collector website.

Giveaway Radar covers all the major free software giveaways website, but it does have some sort of own rules.

Besides, Giveaway Radar doesn’t cover the free software giveaways like:

  • Antiviruses and VPN Software giveaways.
  • Free software giveaways with a license period of fewer than six months.
  • Giveaway contests and competitions

Links to official Giveaway Radar sites

Official Website

Latest Giveaways | Listing Software Giveaway

The website doesn’t exactly extract giveaways from different software giveaway websites, but most of the giveaways are already available for download on the above-mentioned websites.

Links to official Latest Giveaways sites

Official Website


This software giveaways website promotes massively discounted software, and very few free premium software.

Note: TopWareSale doesn’t update the giveaways daily and the SSL certificate has been dead for a while now.

Links to official TopShareSale sites

Official Website

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