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How To Get Free US Fake Whatsapp Number 2020

Fake Whatsapp Number: Millions of people use WhatsApp every day we can't even imagine our single day without WhatsApp. If you guys want to prank with your friend or family using fake WhatsApp number then congrats you are at the right place. Even you can use this number for your personal use if you haven't a dual number.

So guys today I am going to show you how you can create fake WhatsApp number just using one application within 5 minutes so let's start.

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Create Fake Whatsapp Number

So guys, for that you will need to download an application called the 2ndline you can simply download it from google play store after installing the application open and follow the instructions.

First of all open 2ndline and sign up for the account you enter any of the emails and password it doesn't verify your email as I entered a random email. and click create an account.

After that, it will ask you to, use my location and don't use the location you have to click don't use location.

Now you have to give area code of US  you can give whatever you want I have given 430 you can also give same as mine if it doesn't work you can try these also (430,436,453,460,543,567) and click continue.

Now it will give you five numbers you can choose whatever you like these are all free after selecting the number click continue.

Finally, you have got your US number now just copy that number and open your WhatsApp and select country code of US and paste that number and click next.

It will not send you a verification code so you have to wait for 1 minute and click call me. Then you will receive a call and they will give you the verification code just put that. That's it, your fake WhatsApp will be created now you use it as you want. 

NOTE- If after putting the number in WhatsApp, it says this number is banned or something else then just log out the 2ndline and create an account again and now change your country code to something else then try it will definitely work.

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