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How to Spy on Someone's Text Messages

This is the time of Instant Messengers and we rarely use SMS for communication. This is also true IMs are faster than ordinary SMSs. This is the main reason for its popularity. But text messages have their own benefits. In these messages, you don’t require internet connection, so in an emergency, these are very helpful.

So this implies that if you put surveillance on somebody then spying his/her text messages gives an exact idea of his/her activities. This is a perfect and continues source of information when you are spying anyone. Nowadays this is not a tough task to spy on anyone’s text messages. Here I am explaining the whole process of SPYING on text messages or you can say tracking of text messages.

Note: We don’t recommend to spy anyone if you don’t have the proper authority to do so. Don’t use these apps for illegal purposes.

This is a good question because we don’t do anything like this without a strong reason. There might be many reasons but the most common reason is CHEATING SPOUSES. When you realize that your partner is busy with someone else and doesn’t give importance to you. Or he is involved in some suspicious activities then this is the tæææime of clearing your doubts. It is also true you can’t clear your doubts directly because it may harm your precious relationship. So you need something which works stealthily and finds the truth behind suspense.

How to Spy on Text Messages

Here we are explaining the process of spying on text messages. First of all, confirm your spouse’s mobile phone operating system. It will be one of the most popular mobile operating systems i.e. iOS ( Apple ), Android, Blackberry or Nokia ( Symbian ). Let us explain the whole process for each.

For iOS – All Apple Phones ( Jailbreaking is not necessary ):

If he/she is using any Apple phone then there are two way to spy on him.

I) Without Installing Spy Software

II) By Installing Spy Software

1. If you know the Apple ID and password of his cell phone then you don’t require to install any software in his mobile, spy him remotely. You have to purchase a spy software named MOBISTEALTH and fill his Apple credentials to the online dashboard of Mobistealth and enjoy spying. iCloud storage of that targeted iPhone should be turned on.

2. Now if you don’t have Apple ID and password then don’t worry. You need his mobile phone for 5-10 minutes to install this spyware in it. First of all purchase this Mobistealth Spyware and then they send a downloading link to your Email ID, open that link in target mobile ( by opening your Email ID in the browser of target iPhone ) and the software will download and installed in 3-5 minutes. Now go to the online dashboard of Mobistealth and Enjoy.

For All Android / Blackberry / Nokia Symbian Phones:

If he is using an Android, BB or Nokia cell phone then you need to install this spyware in that phone. Simply purchase it first, then they send downloading link to your email ID and then take target phone for 5-10 minutes, open that downloading link in target mobile ( by opening your Email ID in target phone ) and install Mobistealth which hardly takes 3-5 minutes in installation. After that spy text messages from Online Dashboard of Mobistealth.

Your Spouse Is Under Surveillance – Can he Find?

Next question arising in your mind is that “Can he find that you are spying on him?” Actually this software works in stealth mode as the name specifies and he can’t find that you are spying him. Also, this spyware works smoothly with every operating system and nobody can find that any software is working on back-end. So use this software without any tension, if you have any question arising in your mind then comment below.

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