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How To Unblur Chegg and Get Chegg Answers for Free

Let’s imagine a scenario where you can get every book, study materials and solutions to all your questions for free of cost or at a mean cost. Is it even possible? yes, it is possible to get solutions on a single site that gives answers to all your questions irrespective of the majors and subjects. In this article, we have talked about Chegg and everything you need to learn to unblur Chegg and get answers for free.

Unquestionably yes, who will not be ready to get the answers without they have to find the solutions manually. I know everyone will be inquisitive to know how we can get those answers. Isn’t it? The only available answer is Chegg. Many of you may know about Chegg and just want to know how to get Chegg solutions and answers.

When you search for a question, not every time they provide you with free solutions, sometimes you can’t see the solution and answer properly because the solution you are looking for is Blurred.

Chegg provides you with a free trial account that offers you a 4 weeks trial period, where you can get all your answers at zero cost. Once you create an account with Chegg then you will get an email id and password which you can use in the site below which helps you to log in to your account and unblur your solution.

Login to your account with the email id and the password, then wait until it verifies your account. Once it is verified, it will list some apps and ask you to download to unlock the subscription download and install the app for 30 seconds, download the required apps and use them. But being a paid subscription everyone cannot afford to pay, so students are finding a way to see the solutions and answers free of cost.

Still, you are finding difficulty in knowing how to get answers free? Then we will assist you to know about that. There are several ways where you can get your answers free. Let me discuss a few methods on how to get a solution and answers free.

You can get the solutions and answers for Chegg through websites that are free to use without any cost. This method is straightforward. Just type your question or copy the question from Chegg to which you want to find the answers. Now go to Reddit, Quora you may find a number of links for your question where you can get the answer.

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Chegg is cool but every unique thing will own its clone. Isn’t it? That’s where the textsheet came into play.

The textsheet is an online educational portal where college students can get help to solve their solutions. But it is currently banned because of the DMCA notice for copyright violation which forced to shut down their website. Don’t worry there is an alternative for the textsheet-like. You can also get a full list of Chegg alternatives:

  • Slader
  • studylib
  • Ch36650lut10n5


Slader is one of the topmost textsheet alternatives which is used among US students as well. The User interface of this site is easier to use.

  • Open the slader website from your (www.slader.com) browser.
  • You can see a search bar (search textbooks) in which you can search your books by giving the name of the book or you can simply copy the question in Chegg and paste the link in this search bar.
  • Now it will give you corresponding answers which are free.

#2 Studylib:

As the name itself says it’s like a library, where you can have a large number of assignments and solutions. You can also share your notes with your friends which would help them to solve the problems. It will provide you with a solution for all the subjects. You can also upload your documents and find the solution.

#3 Ch36650lut10n5

Few of our subscribers suggest this website. There are lots of Chegg solutions available on the portal. We do not know who owns this but we found it interesting too.

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