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How to use a Custom Background on Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams Video Call

Although we have slowly started coming out of the lockdown, most organizations are still asking their employees to stay at home and work from there. That means, we still need to attend several online meetings, conferences and more.

Now, we often find ourselves cleaning our room or moving to the corner of the room to attend a video conference meeting as you don’t want others to see your messy rooms. Thankfully, several video call service providers have found a legitimate solution to this by adding a virtual background feature that allows users to simply replace their background with any photo they want. You can be creative and click a good picture of your room when clean and use it during the video call.

The custom or virtual background feature is currently available on Zoom, Skype and Teams and in this guide we are going to tell you how to change background on each one of them.

How to Change Background on Zoom

  • Open Zoom app and login.
  • Head to Settings and choose the Virtual Background option.
  • Choose, whether you have a green screen or not at the bottom of the page.
  • Select your custom background from the given option or you can also add a custom background by clicking on the ‘+’ button.
  • After this, start the video call with the selected background.

How to Change Background on Skype

  • Open Skype app and click on profile picture.
  • Head to Settings and choose Audio and Video option.
  • Here click on Background and add your image and set it as background.

How to Change Background on Teams

While setting up the audio and video before a video call, click on the Background effects tab. All the background options will show up at the right side of the screen. Here you can either choose a new background or simply Blur it by selecting the blur background option.

Teams also allow users to change the background during the ongoing meeting. To do that, tap on more actions and select Show background effects option. Choose the background and apply it.

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