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How To Turn Your Handwriting Into A Font For Free

So why should one want to turn his handwriting into a font? There are so many reasons behind it.

  • First and foremost, why not?

I mean the digital world now contains a set of fonts. And there is a good chance that you see a new font every day in your content consumption process. But here is the thing: None of those fonts are yours, are they?

Today I am going to make things a little personal to show you an easy way to turn your handwriting into a font. You will love it. Just wait and see.

  • Some People Have Really Beautiful Handwriting.

I am not one of those people :P. Umm. I mean I used to be when I was in school. I was one of those guys with neat handwriting that used three different coloured pens. Yeah, Engineering messed all of that up. Now don’t judge.

Let me see what happens to your handwriting when you have to face the dilemma of writing more or losing marks. Because somehow teachers felt just because the dude can write more means he knows more. Anyways.

  • A custom project

Let’s say you just created a personal website. And what says personal more than a personal font?

You can deploy it in the about section, maybe a blog post, your diary section, etcetera. Your creativity is the limit here. Okay without any further blabber let’s see how to create a font from your handwriting for free.

Turning Your Handwriting Into A Font: The Steps

  1. Head Over to calligraphr.com and sign up. It’s FREE!.

Once there you will see a step by step instructions that you need to follow to be on your way to turning your handwriting into a font.

2. Click on the create a template link

This will download a pdf or png depending on what you choose. This is where you are going to input characters.

3. Scan and Upload

Once you have input all the essential characters that will form the font you need to scan the document using a scanner. To do this go to the My Fonts Section Of The Website And Click ‘Upload Template‘. The template is going to take some time to upload and process. But once done, that is it, my friend. You will see a preview of your font. And you will be able to download your font in .ttf format.

Comment down below what are you going to name your font.

How To Use This Font

A few uses that I can suggest are, using your font to create printables and cards that you can send to your loved ones. You know to give that personal touch in this rapidly digitizing world. Teachers can also try and use this font in the presentations that they hand out to their students.

You can create a great about me page for your website. This will especially work great for personal websites or blogs.

Alright, so that is how you change your handwriting into a font quickly and easily. Of course, there are many other ways of creating your own fonts which we are going to discuss in subsequent posts in detailed ways.

Take great care of yourselves.

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