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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and Plus: leaked images show camera placement and design

The next Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and S23 Plus have leaked photos, which were published today by the Dutch website Nieuwe Mobile. The claimed images depict the new flagships' camera placement, color scheme, and design, which Samsung is expected to reveal next month.

A metal frame and glass cover appear to be shared by the S23 Ultra and Plus. Phantom Black, Cotton Flower (cream), Botanic Green, and Misty Lilac are the four colors that both models are available in (pink or lavender). All S23 series models should offer the same color selections if those match the colors revealed this week by WinFuture. The back of the Ultra contains five camera sensors and is generally flatter than the back of its predecessor. The primary, ultra-wide, and 10x telephoto lenses of the S23 Ultra are presumably the three lenses that are larger than the other two. The side buttons on the Ultra are also a little bit lower than those on their predecessor.

A 200-megapixel main camera on the Ultra is rumored to be a first for the Galaxy range. (Models in the Standard and Plus range should have 50 megapixels). Additionally, it is said that the Ultra will feature improved focusing and stability over its predecessor. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipsets are anticipated to power both phones globally, departing from Samsung's customary use of Snapdragon processors in the US and Exynos chips in Asia and Europe.

On February 1st, Samsung will make all the specifics public during its Galaxy Unpacked event. However, the business has already made bookings available to Americans. If you pre-order one Galaxy smartphone, you'll receive a $50 credit, and if you reserve both a Galaxy Book and a Galaxy smartphone, you'll receive a $100 credit.

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