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How To Earn Money On Telegram

Telegram is one of the major social networks that has recently emerged in the social networking world and has thousands of subscribers from around the world. Do you know that you can make lots of profits from it and that there are many different ways we can profit from it.
All you need is a telephone and a telegram account so you can start making a profit from Telegram based on your abilities and the way you use them. Each method has a different profit rate.

1. Selling Channels. If you have the ability to collect subscribers quickly and easily, you can create various channels and when they get some good number of subscribers, you can sell them off. For example, channel with 20,000 subscribers can go for almost $500. Note that this method requires some kind of patience. 

2. Affiliate Marketing or marketing your stuff in your channel. Here you can visit affiliate marketing websites which give commissions for every digital product you sell for them. Just grab your product link and post in your channel. When someone buys a product under your link, you get your commission. This can be highly paying where you can earn a commission of even $250 for every product!

3. Create a channel which gives downloading content i.e. viral videos or premium accounts for example: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Brazzers, Pornhub, etc. For premium accounts, create a document on Pastebin and use any link shortner which pays to shorten the link to the document. Then post the link in your channel. When the subscribers click on the link, you are paid some few cents for every click.

4. You can also charge a monthly subscription for access to your Telegram channel or super group. This requires providing premium/ special information for example winning betting predictions, forex trading predictions, Carding classes, etc. (You just need to be creative in this one).

5. Use of channel advertising programs. There are some telegram channels which pay to use your channel for advertising. They get people who want to advertise their services and use what we call distributed advertising. They share the advertising money with channel owners who offer to use their channels for advertising for a specified period of time (it can be 10, 20 or any minutes). These channel advertising programs include:

6. Commercial ads for channel owners or external parties. You can use your channel to advertise other people’s channels who need to get many subscribers. You can agree on a specific time to post the advertisement in your channel or even the views the advertisement should receive. For example, 1000 views with $1 and so on.

7. Lastly, you can also use some telegram bots which offer tasks in exchange of coins which can be sent via Paytm, PayPal, Bitcoins, etc. These bots are turning out to be scams and therefore I don’t recommend wasting your time with this because the difficulty in this option and the time invested is not worth the amount. However, if you are to test your luck, I recommend joining bot faucets which have just started rather done old bot faucets.

Try to remember that nothing from above methods will happen overnight. You have to be patient and keep working. If the content you are publishing in your channel is engaging, then you will surely get subscribers and hence money keeps flowing.

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