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How to get a Free working US Phone number

Everyone at one moment needs to fake his identity so I'm to explain to you how to get a working US phone number for free

First of all, head to Textnow or you can download the Android app from the Google Play store.

Click on sign up link. Here you will need an email to use. You can use your working email (which I don't recommend) or you can use a disposable email. If you don't know how to get a disposable email, see my post here.

After getting your email, fill in the other necessary details in the form. You will now be asked to select the state code of the phone number. Enter any state code and you will get various available phone numbers. Choose any number and click okay.

Bingo!! That's it. You can send SMS messages, make calls and also receive SMS using that number. To see a message, make a call or receive a call, just login into your  account and you will see any available messages, missed calls...

You can also use this phone number to verify various platforms for example Whatsapp,  Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Paypal, etc.free


  1. It says the app is not available in my country (at play store)

    1. You can visit their Website and do all your stuff there without using the android application.


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