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How to Increase Telegram Channel Members

Nowadays, everyone is moving to Telegram to promote their business. Because, you can reach your members directly through the smartphone.

What can You do with Telegram Members?

If you have a business or you are a marketer, then you know the customer is equal to money. If you have more loyal customers, then you have more money. By increasing Telegram channel members, you can:

1. Increase your followers.
2. Increase the sales of your company
3. Promote your affiliate products
4. Drive traffic to your website or blog
5. Earn money by promoting other channels and much more.

These are only a few reasons having a good amount of Telegram members. But, there are countless possibilities.

How to Increase Telegram Channel Members?

People are searching on the Internet like increase Telegram channel members’ software; don’t worry, we’ll cover this topic at the end of the guide. Here we are going to share the secret to increase members in Telegram channel.

1. Choose a Short and Brand-able Name

A name is like the front cover of a book. If you have a Telegram account or going to start a new channel, then always select a short name that can be easily remembered. Always use 2 to 3 words having at most 12 letters while giving your new channel’s name. This is only an assumption, but do remember, short is better for branding.

Don’t copy the name of other popular channels; this will not bring you, members. Always try to open your mind and think something different and innovative. Later you can change the name of a channel, but it is not advisable. So, take your time and choose a unique name.

2. Match the Username

If you are creating a public channel, then you have to give it a username. One can easily search your channel by typing the username in Telegram. So, try to search a username that matches your channel’s name. Suppose, the name of your channel is “Tricksgum”, then put the username as “Tricksgum”.

If these two things mismatch, then it will create confusion among the users. It’s not possible to find your channel by typing the name. The user has to put the username in order to reach at your channel. If you do not get the username of the name of your channel, then search for a short and brand-able username first and later change the Channel’s name according to the username.

3. Right Description & Channel Image

A right description is necessary to describe your channel. When a user first comes to your channel, he or she reads the description. If they found it informative, then they join your channel. So, always put the right information in the channel’s description to attract more members.

You should also put an attractive image on your channel. Remember that, Telegram channels show circle style images. So, try to create a unique circle image.

4. Choose the Right Topic

If you want to increase followers on Telegram channel, then you need a right topic to start with. Before creating your channel, you have to do a little research. Pick few large channels and observe what are they posting. Look at the post views every day which will help you to create your first post.

For example, if you are interested in daily life hacks or funny stuff, then search for a channel in these topics with more than 10K members and join a few of them. At the beginning of the days try to post similar posts like your followed channels. You need a few attractive posts before promoting your channel.

5. Use Images in the Post

An Image says a thousand words. We found that, visual posts perform better than the text
posts. If you post an image or video with your text post, then the changes are more for sharing.

Don’t forget to use the watermark in your images and videos. If someone shares the watermarked posts, then it would be easy for others to reach at your channel. A post with an image gets more post views than a normal post.

6. Consistency is the Key

Consistency is the key to get free Telegram members. First of all, select a time period, during which time you are going to publish your posts on a daily basis. If you are thinking to publish two posts daily, then regularly publish two posts. It’ll help you to get loyal members of your channel.

If you post useful contents regularly, then your members will help you to increase your channel. But, you need loyal members for that purpose. Always post for your daily readers, not for your temporary members; because they won’t leave your channel for any reason.

7. Clean Your Channel before Promotion

Once you have done these above steps, you need promotion to get more Telegram members. But, before that, you have to make your channel clean. That means, if you are channel has any post not related to the topic, or not interesting, then delete them.

After promotion, if a new user comes to your channel and sees non-related posts, then he or she might not get interested to join there. But, if all of your posts are unique and useful, then you’ll sure get some loyal members.

8. Promote on Social Media

Most of the people in the world use Social Media for learning and entertainment purpose. You have to search for related Facebook groups for your channel, where you can share your watermarked images.

If you have Facebook pages or other social accounts with followers, then you can use them to promote your new Telegram channel. Post some useful posts of your channel and request the members to join there to get more stuff like that. If you are using WhatsApp, then you can also request your friends to join your new channel.

9. Use Quora

Quora is the Wikipedia of questions. Quora helps us a lot to increase Telegram channel members dramatically. In Quora, a lot of people asks questions related to Telegram messenger. You can use this platform to add members to Telegram channel quickly.

 If you know the answer to any Telegram related questions, then give your answer and leave your channel’s link after the post. It’ll attract the readers to visit your channel. They make pay interest to join there. You may not believe, but by using Quora, you can gain thousands of members in few days. You can also use other Q&A sites to promote your channel.

10. Promote on Your Blog or Website

If you are running a blog or website and you are getting visitors every day, then this is the right place to start promotion for free. If you want to get free Telegram members, then create an attractive image ad for the sidebar or header and put your channel’s link there. If the image is attractive, then the visitors of your blog will surely follow that link. To make it more authentic, put your Blog’s link in your channel’s description.

11. Add Your Channel to Telegram channels.me

Telegram channels.me is the largest directory having thousands of channels in different categories. This is the easiest way to increase Telegram channel members. Here, you need to add your channel and ask your channel’s members to rate your channel for Five stars. If you are getting more ratings, then your channel will be visible on the first page. If your channel shows in the front page, then you’ll get Telegram members automatically any doing any extra work. In a few days interval, ask your channel members to give your channel 5 star. Remember that, if you get a lower rating, then your channel will be disappeared from the first page.

12. Cross Promotion

This is not the easy way to add more members to your channel, but this is the quickest way to boost the channel. First of all, you have to search for a channel which has the equal and same topic as your channel. You can also go with other topics, but this might not give you a good result.

Once you find a channel, then you have to search for the admin of that channel and request him or her for the cross promotion. Before the contacting the admin, don’t forget to check the posts views of that channel. If the post views are too much low than your channel, then don’t promote there. Make a fair condition and exchange the channel links in between the two channels. After the promotion overs, don’t forget to delete the ad.

13. Paid Promotion for Quick Members

If you have 1K members in your channel and you contact an admin of 5K members, then he or she might not agree. In that case, you can use paid promotion. Request the admin for a paid promotion and ask him to keep your Ad at the top. If you pay for the promotion, then one can easily agree to promote your channel.

Contact: Online CEO

Or, you can use the above button to contact Online_CEO for paid promotion. He is offering few good deals to increase Telegram channel members. But remember that, this is a paid service. If you want to buy Telegram members quickly without doing any task, then contact him. He’ll surely help you. Or, you can also contact us to promote your channel on our website. This will give your channel lifetime free members.

14. Increase Telegram Channel Members Software

How to get fake Telegram members? If you want to skyrocket your channel with 5K, 10K or more members within few days, then you can use services like this. Some of the users use fake Telegram member generator to get thousands of members within few seconds. They are basically fake accounts created by automated software.

If you have few real members but also need this service, then you can contact us. We’ll help you to get real as well as fake Telegram members at a reasonable price. If you have any doubt, don’t forget to leave a comment below or contact us.

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