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How to Remove Date From Blogger URL Posts to Look Like WordPress

BlogSpot blogs, powered by Google's Blogger division, automatically include a date and time stamp for each blog post. This stamp not only displays on your blog post pages, but it also shows up in the preview snippet when your blog post is shown in Google search results.

In this article, I’m going to guide you on how to remove the date from the URL of your blog post on Blogger.

First, Head to your blogger account and then click on Theme which is on the left side of the page.

Then click on Edit HTML, when the theme editor loads, press CTRL + F and then type

Below it, paste the code in the text file here: Click Here to download the text file

After downloading, open the text file and copy the code in the file. Then paste it below the head tag i.e.

Then save the changes. When you go back to your blog and open any post, you will see that the date is no longer there in the URL of the post.

And that's it!

If you didnt understand the steps, you can watch the video Here:


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