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17 Best Telegram Bot List For 2019

If you are regular Telegram user, you should be knowing about Telegram bots. Today I have compiled a list of the 30 best telegram bots that can be very useful and have proven to be very handy.

If you don’t know about telegram bots, no worries. Telegram bots are simply third -party applications that run inside Telegram. Users can interact with bots by sending them messages, commands and in-line requests.

What Telegram Bots can accomplish:

  1. Get customized relevant content like news.
  2. They can also integrate with other services
  3. They can act like a virtual store and process payments.
  4. Bots can also create custom bots.
  5. They can be used to play single and multiplayer games.
  6. They can be used to connect people of similar interests for conversations, etc

Today telegram has many bots and believe me, it can be tough for you to recognize the best ones. Therefore, we have made a telegram bot list of only the best 30 bots.

  • @Utubebot

This Bot can hep you download any videos in almost every possible resolution including 1080p, 720p, 480p. You can also convert any video to mp3.

  • @IFTTT

This bot can help you use IFTTT to link your Telegram groups or channels to more than 360 other services like twitter and Instagram or connected devices like Hue Lights and Nest.

  • @greenpromotebot

This bot helps you to promote your Telegram channels without worrying about promotion lists time as it does auto posting and auto deletion of the Lists.

  • @uploadbot

this bot helps you to quickly upload remote files to Telegram using URL. It currently supports all direct file URLS, Instagram URLs, media fire, google drive URLs.

  • @Botfather

This bot rules all bots. It can be used to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots.

  • @GetPublicLinkBot

This bot helps to convert a telegram file into an external URL which you can use into your favorite downloader to download the telegram file.

  • @enforcerbot

This is a group management bot that can be used to manage your groups from being spammed, ban users, warn, etc.

  • ControllerBot

This bot helps channel owners to create rich posts, schedule posts, view stats, multiple admins, etc.

  • @Spambot

This is telegrams official spam info bot. it helps you to find out if your account was limited and it also explains why it happened and what you can do to regain the full functionality.

  • @votebot

This bot will help you create polls and share them with friends using inline mode.

  • @youtube

This bot helps you to find and share YouTube videos without leaving telegram.

  • @groupbutler_bot

This bot helps in administration of a group. you can kick, ban, set rules and many other stuffs as the anti-flood and the custom triggers.

  • @DeleteEventsbot

It lets supergroup’s creators to delete some event messages aka action messages which they don’t like in their groups.

  • @nashrabot

This bot has features like bot builder, rich posts with bold, italic functionalities, inline buttons, scheduled posting and deletion, channels stats, etc.

  • @stickers

This is telegrams official bot which helps you to create telegram sticker packs from pictures. It also gives usage stats for your stickers.

  • @Hellocoinbot

This is a chatbot that gives you the current price of bitcoin, Ethereum, and hundreds of other crypto and global currencies.

  • @vanishmailbot

This bot gives you a temporary email address which you can use to signup instead of giving your real email address.

If you know any awesome bot which I have not included in the list above, comment it in the comment section below such that others can also know about it.

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