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Telegram Movie Download With IDM


Telegram Movie Download With IDM

Telegram movie download is very exciting because you happen to download high quality HD movies without any hustle as it is with some movie websites.

When downloading multiple movies from Telegram at the same time, I guess you have noticed that only one movie downloads at a time. In this case I mean: Only one movie increases in the amount of the downloaded size. This is also true for other media categories like photos, audio, etc.

What if you want to download multiple movies at the same time for example; 2 or 3 or 4 files at the same time with IDM?

No worries, I have got you covered on how to attain that! I will be showing you how to download multiple telegram movies at the same time with IDM.

First of all, I will assume you have IDM installed on your PC as it’s a reliable download manager for PC or whatever download manager you happen to use but for this tutorial, I will be demonstrating with IDM. For android users, I highly recommend using LoaderDroid as it happens to maximize your bandwidth to give you superfast download speeds.

Let’s start the journey of Telegram movie download with opening Telegram App and get the movie link we are interested in. If you don’t know how to get the movie link, simply tap on the arrow like button on the right of the movie.

Then tap on COPY LINK from the popup that pops from below. The link will now be copied to the clipboard.

From there, we will now go back to the messages that is; from the channel. Tap on the Search icon which is located in the top right corner of the Telegram App.

Now enter this username: @GetPublicLinkBot and select the first result to go to the bot which will do a great job for us. This bot generates a public link which can be accessed publicly by anyone on the internet without first joining the Telegram channel or group. This is the most vital step in Telegram movie download with IDM or any other download manager.

Then tap on START button which is located in the message box space to start interacting with this bot. On tapping START, the bot will send you some instructions and guidelines on how to command it.

After reading the guidelines, simply paste the movie link you copied earlier in the message box and then send the message.

The bot will return a message which contains two kinds of links. The first one has no resume capability i.e. in case you lose an internet connection before finishing the download, on resuming the download; the downloading movie will restart downloading from zero. 

The second kind of file has a resume capability. This one, the downloading movie can resume from where it stopped in case an internet connection was lost. I guess all of us should opt for the second type for obvious reasons!

The next step is to copy the link which says resume capability store it somewhere. Then open IDM and in the top left corner, there’s an option of Add URL. Click on that and then paste the public link generated by the bot and click on OK.

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The movie will instantly start downloading with superfast speeds than the Telegram speed.

You can also get more public links and add them to IDM to download side by side instantaneously.

Note: Sometime the bot isn’t responding and from my experience, the bot server may be down and it needs sometime for the bot admin to restart it. Therefore, if you encounter such a situation, just give it some few minutes and it will resume working normally.

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