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How to disable Blue Ticks On Whatsapp?

Sometimes you just don't want people to know that you've read their message. It doesn't mean you hate them or are too cool for them, you just might not want to respond right away. For instance, if you're driving.

What the Whatsapp Check Marks mean

A single gray check mark means a message sent successfully.

A Double grey check mark means message successfully delivered to recipients' phone.

A blue double check mark means a message read by the recipient.

How To Disable the Blue Check Marks On Android

Thankfully, due to a bunch of user backlash, Whatsapp has already introduced an option to disable the feature.

Go into the WhatsApp app and head to settings>> Account>> Privacy and uncheck "Read Receipts".

Now you can rest assured that messages sent to you can be read freely without WhatsApp notifying the other party. However, messages read and received inside groups will still show read receipts, so there is no escaping that.

Disable Blue Check Mark by Disconnecting From The Internet

When a message from someone comes and you don't want blue check marks of read it, then follow the steps below:

  • Do not open the received message
  • Now go to settings and turn off mobile data or Wifi connection.
  • When you successfully disconnect with the internet, open the conversation and read the whole conversation.
  • Now again connect to the internet and start using WhatsApp.

Important note: After connecting to the internet, if you reply to that person, it will show a blue check mark again. So try to avoid opening that conversation in case if you don't want the blue check mark on the message.

Disable Blue Check Mark by Popup Notification

For this method, all you need to do is to enable the popup notification. To enable the popup notification, go to WhatsApp settings>> Notifications>> Popup notification

Choose the "Always show popup" option. That's it, now you can read Whatsapp messages without read confirmation being sent to the sender.

So that's how you can hide or bypass the Whatsapp blue check mark.

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