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How To Recover The Whatsapp Chat?

Lost important Whatsapp messages? Unsure of how to recover them? It's really easy to recover/ restore deleted Whatsapp chat history on WhatsApp.

Let's see how to recover WhatsApp chat history.

Recover Recent Whatsapp Chats (Less than 7 days)

Whatsapp automatically backups chat history every day at 4 am system time.

It's surprisingly simple to restore WhatsApp chat history that is less than seven days old by uninstalling WhatsApp.

Backup your current Whatsapp chat history. Any new messages sent/ received after a backup and deleted before the next backup, they cannot be restored.

Uninstall Whatsapp. Navigate to settings>> Applications>> Whatsapp>> Uninstall. Then Reboot Android device

Reinstall Whatsapp. Open Whatsapp and continue to the next screen setup. Then verify your phone number.

Restore Whatsapp messages. Hit the restore button when prompted.

Restore Older Whatsapp Messages (Over 7days)

Whatsapp chats older than seven days old are slightly more difficult to restore. Here we offer the other two options to retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages on Android devices.

Option 1: Manually Restore Whatsapp

  • Find its Database folder in the SD card - the path is /sdcard/WhatsApp/Database.
  • Go to chat files that are saved with names like "msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt"
  • Select any of the specific date files which you want to restore and rename it to msgstore.db.crypt. For example, rename msgstore-2019-06-05.1.db.crypt file to msgstore.db.crypt.

Option 2: Recover Whatsapp Messages inAndroid With Android Data Recovery

The most convenient and reliable way to recover Whatsapp chat history from Android devices is using the Android Data Recovery program.

With this tool, you can recover the older WhatsApp chats without losing the current messages.

  • Install the program and connect Android Phone to Computer and setup android to enable USB debugging.
  • After enabling USB debugging, your device will be detected by the recovery tool.
  • Save your time by choosing the detailed files that you want to be scanned. For example, "Whatsapp messages". After that, you can click Next to have the program begin scanning your Android for deleted data.
  • It will take some time to scan the data. After that, you can preview all recoverable data found in the scan results one by one. If you want to recover Whatsapp chat history, click "Whatsapp" and you can preview all your Whatsapp chat history to choose which to restore on your computer.
  • Click the Recover button and within a few minutes, you can retrieve your Whatsapp deleted messages from your Android.

Tips: You can also recover Android contacts, videos, call logs, call history, photos, bookmarks, calendars, memo, and so on from your Android.

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