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How To Use GB Whatsapp Without Ban And Solution To Banned Account?

Are you seeing a message saying "You are temporarily banned from WhatsApp"? Today, I want to show you a new trick to avoid WhatsApp ban or using a Whatsapp mod without WhatsApp knowing!

Steps To Avoid Whatsapp Ban:

  1. Download your WhatsApp mod install it. Then Start using it and wait for WhatsApp to ban your account.
  2. When u get banned, close your WhatsApp.
  3. Then download the official WhatsApp app from the play store and log in. Then use the official app for about 15 minutes.

  4. Go to Whatsapp Settings and delete your account. Then wait for about 5 minutes and uninstall both WhatsApp apps i.e. official and the mod.
  5. Then go in the internal storage of your phone and deleted every WhatsApp folder and file.
  6. Then download WhatsApp plus mod APK and install it. After installing, log in with your ban number and use it.

It will work nice and good

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