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How To Download Facebook Video On Mobile & PC

Facebook hosts a large number of unique videos that you do not find on YouTube. If you want to download any video on Facebook, you don't need any extra software.

A simple URL trick will allow you to download the Facebook video whether you are using the website on PC or mobile web or even Facebook mobile application.

Facebook on Computer:

Older methods are not working anymore. The only way is to use a third-party web service to download the video or dedicated software.
Getfvid offers you to download any Facebook video without creating an account or anything like that. Just copy the Facebook post URL and click on the 'Download' button. The resolution in which the video is available can be selected here. Click on the 'Download in normal quality' button.

Your video will start downloading. If you are using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium or any other Chromium-based browser, you can install an extension Getfvid.

Android Mobile:

Instead of an official Facebook app, try using the open-source app for Facebook. You can easily download the videos in your timeline with one tap. Frost for Facebook is a completely open-source app to access Facebook. Not available on the Google Play store. You have to download it from F-Droid.

You just have to visit the mobile website of the standard Facebook page. To do this,

  • Add 'm' letter instead of 'WWW' in https://www.facebook.com after that the URL will look like https://m.facebook.com
    Note that you have to play the video to get the option "Save Video As". If the video is not playing, you can't download. Once you start the download, you can stop or close the tab.
  • Replace the WWW with m and click to play the video.
  • While playing video, right-click on the video and select 'save video as' option to save/download it.
  • Select the appropriate location to save the video.

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For Your Mac:

If you want to easily download any Facebook video with just a click, there is nothing better than Elmedia Player Pro.

Mobile Facebook website on mobile:

To save the video on your mobile is very easy. If you are using a mobile browser, you will be automatically redirected to the mobile version of the Facebook website i.e. https://m.facebook.com.  Just touch and hold on video to save it for later use.

On the Facebook Android application:

Even though you use the Facebook app, you can always use the above trick to download the video. Browse Facebook website using any browser like Chrome for Android or Firefox for Android or UC Browser.
But if you do not want to do that, you can save video using the Facebook application also but with little workaround.

  • Install ES File Explorer, a must-have application for your android mobile.
  • Now open any video on the Facebook application and click on the drop-down arrow for the particular post to get options.
  • Tap on 'save video' The video will be saved to your saved list of links and videos.
  • Go to the Facebook options by tapping the hamburger menu and click 'Saved'.
  • It will show you the list of saved videos, links, and other stuff.
  • Click on the video you want to download, you will get the option 'Open with ES Downloader'.
  • Click on 'Just once' or 'Always' to save the video for offline viewing.

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