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How To Install & Setup Kali in Android Phone Without Root

Before we begin let's start with some requirements. In order to go on with the installation process you should:

  • know how to use an Android Phone which should at least have Lollipop as the operating system and a good enough internet connection

Installing Termux

  • Go to the Google Playstore>Apps Section on your Android device and search for Termux
  • Click on Install . It would hardly take a couple of minutes based on your internet connectivity.
  • Head to the App on Successful installation.
  • You can play around with it before moving on to the next step. Try typing pkg help . You’ll find a list of options available that can be used with the pkg command.

Installing Kali NetHunter In Termux

  • Open Termux and type command pkg update && pkg install git && pkg install python && pkg install python2 and press Enter. You will be asked if you want to continue, then type y and press enter. This command installs all requirements for Kali nethunter.
  • Now type command git clone https://github.com/hax4us/nethunter-in-termux.git and press Enter.
  • Now type the command cd nethunter-in-termux and press Enter.
  • Type command chmod +x kalinethunter and press Enter.
  • Now type command ./kalinethunter and press Enter.
  • Wait until it fully downloads the package. To avoid Errors you must have a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • After completion. Type command ./startkali.sh and Press Enter.
  • You will get the KALI NETHUNTER Root directory.
  • Type command apt-get update
  • Type command apt-get upgrade

That's it, you have installed Kali Nethunter on your android phone and you can do with it what you wish to.

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