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How to Find Out If Someone Else Logged Into Your WhatsApp and Sees All Your Messages

We all rely on privacy when using well-known messengers. The Internet is replete with articles and life hacks on how to read someone’s messages or how to log into someone else's messenger. But for some reason, no one writes about how to find out whether a stranger is reading all your messages, so we decided to fix it.

How can strangers log into your messenger?

You can only log into WhatsApp on one single device, such as a smartphone or mobile phone. It is believed that this should make users feel safe as they can set up a password on the phone or specifically on the messenger, and no one will read their messages.

But there is also a second option for using your WhatsApp account on a computer, in a web or desktop version. To do this, you need to open the web version of the messenger and scan the QR code from the mobile application in the web app or on the website. If a password is not set on the smartphone, or you, for example, have not blocked it and left the room, another person has the ability to very quickly activate the web version on a computer or laptop and read all the messages that interest them and continue to secretly read all subsequent messages.

To log into someone else's WhatsApp account, a special Whatscan application for Whatsweb has even been created. It simulates logging into the messenger from a browser. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

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Here’s how to check the security of your messenger:

All sessions with the time of logging into the account from other devices, for example, from macOS, will be displayed below. If there are unknown sessions in the list, and you definitely did not log into your messenger from your computer, you need to click – Log out from all devices.

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