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How to Frame Someone Using WhatsApp Mute Function Vulnerability

WhatsApp is full of vulnerabilities that are yet to discover. The vulnerability that we are focusing on today can make you lose your job and even ruin your relationships with other people.

As you know, a word once spoken is past recalling. If you once have said something, you cannot undo the result of having said it. But WhatsApp is an open cage that releases spoken words back to the world. Imagine a friend who wants to frame you in front of your other friend. Wouldn’t want this kind of situation to happen, right?

So dear friends, God forbid you to let others take advantage of you and frame you. And you should beware WhatsApp voice calls because tricksgum discovered a vulnerability in its system that can play a cruel joke on you.

Spoiler alert: even if you click “Mute” during a conversation, you can still be heard by a person you are talking to. Yep, now you know.

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Let’s imagine a dialogue between two people who are, say, discussing the safety measures they take to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus infection as this is a new reality, we all live in. Two friends, Ava and Emma, are talking about face masks, social distance, gloves, sanitizers, and stuff.

A: Hey, mate! I’ve been wondering, do you wear face masks in public places to keep yourself and others safe?
E: Nope.
A: Wait, why? Do you at least keep social distance on the street or in stores?
E: No! I don’t care, really.
A: Okay, wait a sec. I need someone else’s opinion.
E: I’ll wait, OK.

At this point, Ava can mute this conversation and say something like, “What a dumbass! Why does she behave like this? She doesn’t even know what responsibility is!” Everything’s fine for now because Emma doesn’t hear Ava just yet. Ava asks her roommate Kelly who’s been reading next to her to join their conversation because she feels like Kelly can talk some sense into Emma and change her mind.

Kelly steps in, and the conversation between these three is as follows:
K: You really don’t wear masks or anything, huh?
E: Well, yeah, that’s what I’m saying.
K: Erm… Okay. I support your every decision, so you can do whatever you want, I’ll be by your side no matter what.
A: Jeez, are you serious, Kel? Do you think it’s okay to put others’ lives at risk? Are you both crazy?

Now Ava mutes their conversation and asks Kelly the same question again. Kelly suddenly changes her mind and says, “No, I don’t think it’s okay at all! It’s stupid of her not to do these things, I’ll never really support her in that.” “What the hell, Kel?” Emma says suddenly.

Surprised? This is when a bug related to WhatsApp Mute Function comes in. Ava muted their conversation, but she exploited a vulnerability of WhatsApp to reveal Kelly’s true colours and show that she is actually a two-faced friend.

Here’s how you can do the same thing using WhatsApp’s Mute function vulnerability when talking to someone in WhatsApp:

  1. Receive the call.
  2. Block your smartphone.
  3. Tap on the screen and mute the conversation without unblocking it.
  4. Unlock your smartphone.
  5. Unmute the conversation.
  6. Block your smartphone again.

You are all set. Your iPhone is now blocked, but if you tap on it, the Mute button will be active but your interlocutor will hear you.

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